Petro Plus branded gasolines have been developed with the highest standard level to help clean up intake valves, keep vital engine parts like fuel injectors clean for improved fuel economy and blended to provide good ignition quality . standards for our customers.

A Gift For Everyone...

- No matter the occasion Birthdays, Holidays, a "Thank You", or Graduation, College Care Packages or weekly allowance.

  • Energize Your Business  
  • Reward Loyal Customers.
  • Entice New Customers
  • Award Employee Performance
  • Convenience and Ease of Use

- Your purchase amount is automatically deducted from your card balance until the card no longer has credit.

Your sales receipt will always show: your starting balance, the amount charged and he remaining card balance.

Can I buy a “Fuel Gift Card” (FGC)?...

Yes FGC's can be purchased for special occasion and for personal usage control. Fuel Gift Card can be purchased at any Petro Plus gas station from $20.00 and up. The FGC's are not reloadable and once activated, it should be treated as cash.

Where are Petro Plus Gas stations located??

The Petro Plus gas stations are located conveniently were you drive on a daily bases.

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