Petro Plus branded gasolines have been developed with the highest standard level to help clean up intake valves, keep vital engine parts like fuel injectors clean for improved fuel economy and blended to provide good ignition quality . standards for our customers.

What is a Prepaid Fuel Card (PFC)?

The PFC is an application service that allows gas stations to streamline the billing to their corporate and fleet customers on a monthly basis. The PFC will eliminate the struggles companies having to monitoring the issuance of fuel coupons and who ends up using them. The program will track the fuel fill up at the pump and match it to a driver and a vehicle in real time. The corporate and fleet customers will be able to login and view their transaction reports in real time and manage their employee’s cards. Every transaction will have a Gas station clerk, the gas station, time, date, vehicle plate#, Gas Card #, Gas card holder and the amount charged. The corporate and fleet customers will be able to assign, activate or deactivate a PFC and anytime they deem it necessary.

How does it work?

A Company will set up a fuel account with the Petro Plus Gas Station, and then they will be issued whatever amount of cards they need. Petro Plus will add cards numbers in the account of the company. The company then assigns the cardholders name, pin and limits to the cards. The company must fund (prepay) their account in order for the cards to be useable. Each time a transaction is done with one of their cards by one of their staff, the Company account is debited in real time for the sale amount

How to open an account?

To open an account you simple fill out the online application below and a customer care representative will contact you a when your account is open and ready to use.Apply for Fuel Card

How to fund your account?

To add funds to you prepaid account, simply make a check payable to Petro Plus and drop to any of our gas station. The funds will be processed to your account with in 24 to 36 hours.

What options are available online?

As a Petro Plus customer, some of your Account Services you will be able to view your account: Transactions details, Card holder, Vehicle Transactions report and Total Fuel purchased report just to name a few. In addition, you will be able to assign fuel cards and usage limit per card holder. e.g. Card 123456 (limited to) $100 per month.

How to use the card?

You just hand your card to the clerk at any of the Petro Plus gas stations.

  • The Clerk will swipe your card on the terminal; and enter his or her Pin  
  • Then you will enter the Amount, your Vehicle plate number and PIN.
  • The the terminal will send the transaction for approval.
  • If approved, a receipt will be printed for the Pump attendant and yourself.
Apply for Petro Plus Fuel Card
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